Client & Company & Policy

Simple Clear Advice and Processes.

At Fathers Rights UK McKenzie Friend Services, we want to give our clients the most straightforward route through the family court in England and Wales. We know how you feel, and we can guide and support you through this awful and life-changing experience. We offer a fixed price service rather than other legal services that charge up to £100 per hour to fill in a form or £35 per hour to talk to you in your hour of need.  At Fathers Rights UK McKenzie Friend Services, we offer a tailored solution with fantastic support throughout your case and beyond. We will be here for you forever. We are the only McKenzie Friend Service offering a “Lifetime Promise” to work with you until we resolve the concern and the case together. We do not charge per hour and aim to build a plan around what works for you. We believe that Family Law Support should be affordable if we coach you the way you will not have to continually fork out for Solicitors and McKenzie Friends in the future (Unless you want to). Not only do we educate and have an entire support team in place for you 24/7 whilst you are going through the hell that is Family Court, but we will also coach you to get a fair result in court. We are not in the business of making millions. We are in this business because we care and have been where you are now.
With our “exclusive” “Enforcement Promise.” You can return to court for up to 24 months after your final court date by paying the court fees to enforce the order in court to the court and pay nothing to us for being the support you need to make the enforcement plus court attendance on the day itself. In simple terms, this means you pay nothing other than court fees to enforce the order. We believe we are the only Legal Services Business offering this level of Service. We are leading nicely into Service and the Service we give. Our policy is to be respectful but honest and genuine with you. The job is done in paperwork and support when “WE” “You and Us” are wholeheartedly satisfied with the end product.   
Because we want to make Family Law affordable and, where possible free for selected services, that does not mean the standard of work is not up to scratch. We have over 27 years of combined Family Law experience supporting parents in England and Wales since 2013.
Our kindness is our downfall. But, unfortunately, people take advantage of our good nature. Whilst we support and give out lives to ensure we keep you, in many cases, dads rekindle or maintain the relationship with your children. We set up payment plans for you, the client, that work for you, the client. All we ask in return is you maintain the payments agreed on the days agreed. To start a job for you, we will require the agreed down payment within 72 hours of receiving the Ts&Cs and invoice. If we start the work and the payment has not been received after 72 hours, work will cease, and we have the option of waiting for the down payment to arrive or just not working with you.
Watch the video for more information regarding our “Client and Company Policy.